Workshop Covers

  • #1 Reducing emails by up to 75%

    Set up Teams and Channels the right way in order to improve the flow of communication, keeping all the updates in one place.

  • #2 File Sharing & Collaboration

    Learn why Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool. Empower your team to work together.

  • #3 Mastering Project Meetings

    Learn the secrets to get the most out of Project Meetings in Microsoft Teams and how to easily document the outcomes and actions.

  • #4 Managing Tasks & Milestones

    Stay on track with the Planner app that lets you assign tasks to yourself and team members, enabling the Project Team to track due dates and timelines.

  • #5 Streamlining the Approval Process

    Take the strain out of the approval process for your projects by using Microsoft Teams. This workshop will show you the pro tips that will help simplify the approval process whilst keeping an audit trail.

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  • How will this Workshop benefit me?

    Microsoft Teams is more than just a place to have meetings and send messages, it has a host of tools to aid collaboration with others and to improve productivity, helping you and your team to save time. This workshop will show you how to harness the power of Microsoft Teams to smoothly run projects.

  • Why should I sign up for this Workshop vs just learning from YouTube?

    YouTube videos are shorter, often they don't provide a structure of actionable steps and materials to help cement your learning. This workshop will help to build your knowledge, and provides materials to help test your understanding, as well as giving you exclusive access to the source files. The videos in this Workshop are not featured on my YouTube Channel Ready Steady Excel.

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Master Projects in Microsoft Teams

More than a place to just have meetings!