What you will get from this workshop...

Here's a quick overview on what you can expect from this workshop!

  • Learn to build and work with analytical reports with confidence

  • Learn the formulas and functions that everyone should know

  • Time saving tips to help you work more efficiently in Excel

  • Mistakes to avoid in Excel

  • Understanding Excel Charts to represent your data in a more readable format

Pre-Order Exclusives

As a thank you for pre-ordering this workshop you will get exclusive access to the following benefits that won't be available when the course is published.

  • Pre-Order Exclusive #1

    Take advantage of this extremely low price that won't be available when the course is published.

  • Pre-Order Exclusive #2

    Get an exclusive invite to a Live Excel Q&A Session hosted by Ready Steady Excel.


  • How will this Workshop benefit me?

    This Workshop will teach you the fundamental skills you need to solve Excel problems with confidence in the real-world. You will be able to level-up your Excel knowledge in less time than you think.

  • Why should I sign up for this Workshop vs just learning from YouTube?

    YouTube videos are shorter, often they don't provide a structure of actionable steps and materials to help cement your learning. This workshop will help to build your knowledge, and provides materials to help test your understanding, as well as giving you exclusive access to the source files. The videos in this Workshop are not featured on my YouTube Channel Ready Steady Excel.

  • How does this pre-order work?

    A pre-order allows me to evaluate how popular this workshop will be. It gives you the opportunity to get access to exclusive benefits that won't be offered to users who sign up for the final content.

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